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Jacob Regan is an Oregon based DJ known as "DJ Sweet Love". DJ Sweet Love Began Sweet Love Entertainment in 2022. He has been Producing and DJing Music Since 2013. Jacob spent years Developing his skills, reputation and passion for music in Oregon and the Nation.

"These years in the industry have made me realize that I could give opportunities to other DJs. That is the beginning of sweet love entertainment. I'm all about the good vibes, and that's the Sweet Love Entertainment way. We're here to make your event unforgettable."

Throughout the years DJ Sweet Love has perfected playlists and event planning strategies into a template for successful events. Sweet Love Entertainment has been growing and is ready to provide the right DJ for any Event.

"Music has been my passion since I was a kid. I've Spun Records everywhere: College bars, Corporate Events, Weddings. I have even been on tour as a DJ with acts such as Matisyahu, NIKOIS and performed with Devin the Dude. There I am in this photo performing a radio spot on 88.7 KBVR. I have definitely been around the block on my path to becoming a Professional DJ".

DJ Sweet Love performing a radio set on KBVR 88.7.
Our Team

Our Team

What started as a solo endeavor has blossomed into Sweet Love Entertainment, a thriving team and company.

“Over the past decade my journey as a DJ has been nothing short of remarkable. Along the way I've had the privilege of collaborating with talented DJs and artists. Now we’re a team, each one adding unique flair to the collective vision”.

The Sweet Love Entertainment team is a mosaic of DJs, each bringing their own creativity and charm to the table.

“We're not just DJs, We're storytellers, mood-setters and memory makers. The mission is simple yet profound: bring the special musical vibes to your special one-of-a-kind day”.

Overcoming challenges and celebrating triumphs has shown DJ Sweet Love the power of cooperation. Now He's focused on creating opportunities; not just for himself, but for the talented creatives within his circle as well. Sweet Love Entertainment is committed to continual growth and improvement.

“Year after year we’ve reinvested profits into enhancing our services to ensure each client's experience is nothing short of exceptional. For the team at Sweet Love Entertainment your event isn't just another gig – it's another unforgettable experience filled with Love, Laughter, and Music”.

The DJ Team

Jacob Regan DJing

Jacob Regan

Meet the founder of Sweet Love Entertainment. With 12 years of DJing and producing experience, Jacob brings expertise to every event. As the owner and a skilled DJ, he's dedicated to providing top-notch entertainment. Jacob's passion for music and commitment to excellence ensure that each performance is memorable and enjoyable.

Lilah Hernandez DJing

Lilah Hernandez

Sweet Love Entertainment member since 2022, Lilah has risen from DJ assistant to graphic designer, planning assistant, and DJ. She's renowned for hosting successful Latin DJ nights at Lincoln City's Nokturnal Bar, showcasing her expertise in cumbias and reggaeton. Lilah's passion and dedication ensure each event she touches is unforgettable.

Delano Salinas DJing

Delano Salinas

Valued Sweet Love Entertainment team member and long-time friend. Delano has a passion for music and a magnetic personality. He brings infectious high energy to every event and keeps the party going. His dedication and ability to connect with the crowd make him essential to the Sweet Love experience.

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